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HELLO! I'm Ana Cuesta, co-founder and head of Oipuka. A small company founded in 2001 with the idea of ​​trying to convey the experiences that have been collected during trips I made in Africa.

Has always attracted me to travel, meet far away, walk on lonely roads, meet people new, and stuff ... .During years before I settle in Africa my passion was the mountains and nature. My family taught me to appreciate these incredible landscapes, colors, smells and meet people ..
With this excuse and the desire I had to meet other horizons, I soon found occasion to travel to other mountains and seek new experiences in places farthest; from Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Uganda .. and so know both cultures, ways of living, thinking and above all, enjoy this way, that is life .. One day, without really knowing yet why, I changed my course and my passion for working deviated from the African continent .... Since then I have not separated from it.

We want you to meet a new way to enjoy your free time . You can travel alone, with friends or with your group of friends, all of our tours can participate regardless of physical condition or age. With Oipuka learn to relax and enjoy your holiday knowing other people and customs in natural surroundings and little exploited by tourism.
But what really matters to us are those days African racking, everyone will recalling as a personal life experience and that will remain forever in oneself with a smile.

Oipuka is an online platform where we present the destinations they know and take care of everything, since you leave your home for a few days until you get to regreso.Cada tour will be personalized, so here, we show some images that are autoexplanatorias and we encourage you to write us and we'll tell you how we can adapt your travel dream to reality.
OIPUKA :: Adventure & Experiences | Swakopmund, Namibia | office telephone +26 464 406630 | celular phone +26 481 128 7468 | Fax +26 464 406631